Here's who we've worked with.

SAMs Club is a Glasgow charity working with special needs children and their families, offering professional care and entertainment for the children and respite for parents and families.

BB&G focused on providing a coherent web presence that informed the public about the goals of the charity, as well as allowing for donations. We also untook management of their social media strategy, and promoted them through professional channels to local businesses to raise their profile.

SAMs aim to raise £20000 annually to fund their yearly holiday for the children they work with. Within a month of BB&G assisting them, they had raised £9000 of their annual target, a sum that would normally take months to reach.

Carbon Copy Music are a wedding and events band from Central Scotland. They asked us to help raise their profile, with the aim of increasing their bookings and sales with a view to going full-time.

BB&G produced a website with key video content, booking forms, and plenty of information about the band’s offerings. We also gave tailored advice on their social media strategy, as well as giving the band access to databases of bars, venues, and clubs to enable a comprehensive email marketing compaign. Sales cycle and post-sale customer care methodologies were implemented.

As a result, Carbon Copy Music have seen a 40% increase in bookings over the first three months, and have entered into a five-year working relationship with BB&G.