Here's what we stand for.

In a word, you. We exist to work with, and for, small businesses who want to be better at marketing what they do.

We’re all told that business is a cut-throat world. Survival of the fittest; dog-eat-dog; everyone out for themselves. Whether it’s pounding our chests watching Wolf of Wall Street, or backing John/Joan Corporate in their showdown with Sir Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, the 21st century capitalist paradigm is this: do what you can to get rich, fast, and let nothing stand in your way.

Bedford, Berry & Grand isn’t like that. We’re different. We’re better. We believe in the little guy. Lining the pockets of already rich stakeholders doesn’t give anyone job satisfaction, but helping a small business reach out to its client base and see tangible success definitely does. To quote the great Bruce Springsteen: “Nobody wins unless everybody wins.”

We’re a network of talented individuals, with years of experience in sales, marketing, business, and economics. We bring to the table experienced creatives who work in print, digital, photography, film, and IT.

We got together to help you.