A bit of everything

Bringing it all together.

"We'll take the lot!"

CCPD Training began as the brainchild of two men who worked in the legal training sector for years. They saw an opportunity to reinvent how training was advertised, booked, and delivered; a chance to move beyond the cumbersome nature of the big training provider firms and instead to work in a lean, agile manner that emphasised high quality offerings, rapid-fire turnarounds, and clean, eye-catching collateral.

They approached me for an initial brand for the business and, upon receiving that, the conversation about what other deliverables they wanted ran something like this: "Here's what I can do. What stuff do you want?"


'Everything', in this case, comprised of corporate stationery, a clean, easy-to-use website that was fully responsive, email marketing templates, banner adverts for the Scottish Legal News email newsletter, promotional PDF brochures for each seminar as well as wider-scope ones for sponsorship and their other offerings, and typeset printed booklets to accompany each seminar.

It rapidly became clear that this was not going to be a run-of-the-mill job; this was an opportunity to create the entire visual public presence of a dynamic, exciting young firm.

An individual seminar page.
The accompanying PDF can be viewed here.

Print and digital.

With the branding nailed down, it was time to start the website. This had a number of interesting considerations; there were multiple page layouts that had to be considered, along with embedded video content and the crucial booking forms. The booking forms themselves were an interesting exercise in UX/UI design, not least because they had to rework themselves smoothly for mobile devices.

CCPD are primarily a business that market their product through digital avenues. They advertise online; they use Mailchimp to market their products through email. All of this had to be carefully considered and designed to avoid diluting the brand and to keep it all instantly recognisable. One of the more interesting challenges was the requirement for animated banners for the Scottish Legal News newsletter; it's been a long time since I've had to think about animation, and it was certainly a trip down memory lane.

PDF brochures are a mainstay of their communication avenues. Every seminar has an accompanying brochure, all set in a controlled, branded style. Not only that, but their recent decision to market a big, all-day conference event with multiple speakers required a varation on their established branding, achieved through a subtle colour change and the use of a different, more impactful titling font.

Beyond all that, there's the event booklet itself. The speaker's notes are compiled and typeset into an attractive booklet, A5 size, to be handed out to attendees on the day. These range in size from a dozen or so pages up to over seventy, and usually require rapid, one-day turnaround—a challenge which has certainly required that I learn how to work both quickly and accurately! A unified approach is needed to maintain recognisability, and to keep control of the relationships between the sections—headings, sub-headings, section headings, and so on.

In the end, the CCPD work became something I'm proud of. More than any other job, it required me to consider in detail every single aspect of a brand, how it's applied, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate how good design can improve a given offering. With CCPD set to turn over six figures in their first year, I like to think I've succeeded in that.

Banner animation for the Scottish Legal News email newsletter

Sponsorship Brochure. See the full brochure here.