Inverness Cathedral

branding a church isn't an everyday job. Inverness Cathedral approached me to rebrand the church's presence as they modernise and move forward. The old brand wasn't really a brand at all; just a line drawing of the building. Something that was recognisable and simple was needed.

Looking to the building itself for inspiration, I struck upon the 'rose' at the top of the great West Window. Well reproduced, I thought it would be perfect, and so I began with rough sketches to ascertain the geometric relationships before moving to the screen and constructing it for real.

constructing the brand

the old brand vs the new brand

as in many places, times moves slowly in churches. The previous guidebook was some fifteen years old, and out of date both in design and content. With the brand fixed, I was asked to redesign the guidebook in a complementary modern style.

Using a square format, column grids were built on the same mathematical principles used by the scribes of the Medieval period, and this was paired with a striking modern serfic font, with generous white-space to reflect the spaciousness of the building itself.

what else? As part of the modernisation, the Cathedral plan to expand their range of saleable items. One of the key advantages of the brand is its versatility; a tote bag is not immediately a statement of any kind of affiliation, as the marque of the brand stands alone in confidence.